Become a Laserforge Miniatures Sponsored Contributor

Here at Laserforge Miniatures, we are looking to expand our exposure within the tabletop community and in return, help community contributors and influencers by offering them the opportunity to expand their content with product reviews, get additional exposure right here by being listed on the Affiliates page with direct links to their channels AND get promotional codes/gifts to offer their subscribers.

What do I need to do?

Basically, it's just product reviews! This is a great way to expand your channel content for your subscribers.

All you need to do is create at least one promotional video/post with a product review of the sample items provided and maintain a direct link to our store in any future posts within a video description, or on-screen during live streams, for example. Just like any regular sponsorship.

There will be times where you will be asked if you would like to participate in further product reviews, for instance; when a new product is due to be released. Whilst entirely optional, we would greatly appreciate your participation.

Do I need a minimum number of followers?

Yes - you will need a minimum of 100 subscribers to your channel. Even for a new, fresh-faced channel, this should be no problem.

So how does this work?

Great question and the answer is quite simple:

1. Submit your completed Sponsored Contributor Application form (below)

2. Your application form is reviewed. 
3. Once reviewed, we will contact you with a sample kit* and unique promo code**
4. Produce your review video/live stream/social media post and tag us where possible using our social media tags which we will have provided to you. You will also need to send us your post link directly via email so that we can approve the submission and activate your code.

5. That's it! Once your sponsored contributor submission is complete and approved, your promo code will be activated and your channel details will go live onto our Sponsored Contributors list here on our website.

* - Sample kits will be made up of a random selection of products and may not contain complete or full -size product packs. This should be made apparent in reviews where applicable.


** - Unique promo codes will be provided, but will be inactive until your submission has been completed and approved. 

Sponsored Contributor Application

Thanks for submitting!