Specialist I.D. Rings (33) - Warhammer 40k Kill Team compatible

Specialist I.D. Rings (33) - Warhammer 40k Kill Team compatible

Laser Cut I.D rings 

Cut from 3mm thick acrylic 
Detail etched.

NOTE - Updated set now contains "Commander" rings.

Pack contains lightly sprung rings which grip to standard sized plastic GW bases for 25, 32 & 40mm.

Contains a total of 33 rings -  3 rings (one per base size) for each of the 11 Specialist roles in 40k Killteam.

Wide range of colours to choose from to make your team stand out!
Vibrant colours and bold designs make these tokens stand out on the tabletop for high visbility.

NOTE - Whilst we do offer a different colour for each specialist, we cannot offer different colours for the different sizes due to time constraints and excessive material wastage.

Models shown for scale only - not included.


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