Sci-Fi Bionic Arms - POSABLE (5 pack) - 28/30mm - 40k Primaris Compatible

Sci-Fi Bionic Arms - POSABLE (5 pack) - 28/30mm - 40k Primaris Compatible

3D Printed Parts - 40k Compatible

3D Printed Parts - 40k Primaris Compatible


This pack contains a superbly detailed set of 5x posable Bionic Arms. Universal fit left or right handed. High level of posability with a ball & socket shoulder joint, hinged elbow and rotating wrist cuff.


Slots moulded into the wrist for fitting 2x1mm round magnets (not supplied).

We take all the hassle out of printing!
Made from high quality 3D printed photopolymer resin. Parts will be supplied clean, cured & on sprue/supports. Sold as conversion parts only - assembly and modelling knowledge required.

Models shown not supplied - shown as example only.

This product is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by Games Workshop. These parts & files are produced in-house as compatible parts for conversion.



  • 3D Printed Parts

    Generally, the post processing cleaning and curing required to finish 3D printed parts means that there should be no cleaning required when assembling them unlike many other cast resin parts. However, this may not always be the case and we would advise modellers to use their best judgment when prepping their models.



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