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PHR Poseidon/Njord Heavy Dropship

SKU: DZC-24001

The Poseidon class heavy dropship is the primary mass transport workhorse of the PHR. Capable of carrying a wide range of armoured units, the Poseidon's heavy lift abilities are second to none. In its primary role it can deliver a full squadron of six battle walkers from orbit direct to the frontline. Its configuration allows these to deploy facing outwards, enabling engagement with the enemy the instant they hit terra-firma.Its design is focused solely on lifting ability, and as such it is relatively lightly armed. However, its use of a Shadowkiller stealth missile launcher makes it a threat to enemy armour occupying the dropzone.The Poseidon's durability is already legendary. Heavily armoured, it has the capacity to absorb considerable punishment. This allows it to operate closer to hostile forces than would normally be deemed prudent by commanders without access to such a remarkable machine.


The Njord is a frontline heavy dropship, an aggressive transport created for the express purpose of creating a beachhead position and securing it. It lacks the capacity of the Poseidon – carrying a reduced complement of 4 rather than 6 battle walkers – but it makes up for this with ground sweeping offensive capability.Augmenting its standard armaments are two Heavy Stealth Missile Pods. Independent targeting and multiple cascade salvos create devastation the equal of a medium-sized Sabre MBT squad at close range. Given its aggressive design, the Njord tends to deploy close assault and support battle walkers, often including a mix of Phobos and Menchit A1 and A2s, creating a combined arms force to take on all possible threats.

Contains 1 Resin miniature with parts to build either option.
New in Packaging.

Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

  • Product Information

    Dropzone Commander models are made from either Resin, Moulded Plastic or White Metal (Pewter). All models will require assembly and painting.

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