Forgeborn Forge Lord - Compatible with Warhammer 40k

Forgeborn Forge Lord - Compatible with Warhammer 40k

3D Printed Resin Model Kit - 40k Compatible

Superbly detailed 28mm/30mm scale model kit with semi-posable arms. 
Size is comparable to Primaris Gravis Armour.

Supplied complete with plastic 40mm round bevel base

3D printed parts are made from high quality 3D printed photopolymer resin. Parts will be supplied clean, cured & on sprue/supports which can be removed easily after a quick soak in warm/hot water.

Sold as a complete model kit - assembly and modelling knowledge required.


WARNING - Always wear a suitable face mask when sanding/shaping resin parts.

Models shown not supplied - shown as example only.

Design inspired by Hammk:

This product is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by Games Workshop. These parts & files are produced in-house as compatible parts for conversion.



  • 3D Printed Part Care

    Support Removal
    3D printed parts require vertical supports during the printing process which will need to be removed before assembly. These can easily be removed by soaking parts in warm/hot water for approximately 30-40 secs and gently breaking away with a fingernail as close to the model as possible. This may leave very tiny pit marks which can be filed down/filled to a smooth finish.

    Generally, the post processing cleaning and curing required to finish 3D printed parts means that there should be no cleaning required when assembling them unlike many other cast resin parts. However, this may not always be the case and we would advise modellers to use their best judgment when prepping their models.



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