Darkspace Calamity Core Rulebook

Darkspace Calamity Core Rulebook

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Ninja Division - SPM148001

The universe is dying.

One by one the Darkspace Calamity has consumed the galaxies of our universe. Now, only a single galaxy remains—The Last Galaxy. Only the mighty champions known as Relic Knights possess the strength to overcome the Calamity and save us all from total destruction.

Relic Knights brings the frenetic energy and over-the-top action of anime and video games straight to your tabletop. In this dynamic miniatures battle game you control a heroic Knight and their enigmatic cypher. Fighting at their side are the warriors, psychics, and soldiers of The Last Galaxy. Pit two or more players against one another in an epic conflict to decide the very fate of the universe!

Relic Knights: Darkspace Calamity is your complete source for rules and background on The Last Galaxy.

  • Handy Tips

    Relic Knights models are made from either Resin/Plastic, Pewter or a combination. We recommend you wash parts thoroughly in warm soapy water prior to assembly. Some parts may require preparation.
    Assembly and paint required.


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