Command Base (2) - LARGE - Designed for Dropfleet Commander

Command Base (2) - LARGE - Designed for Dropfleet Commander


Laser Cut Acrylic Command Base set for Dropfleet Commander.

Cut from 3mm thick acrylic in a wide choice of colours.

This Large Base Expansion set contains enough bases for 2 Large bases - ideal to expand on existing Battlegroups:2x Large Command Base kits8x 7mm Dice

Our specially designed Command Base kit has been made to replace the standard Orders/Layer/Hull points dial on Hawk Wargames bases for Dropfleet Commander ships. Large, vibrantly coloured markers can be seen easily across the table so both you and your opponent know exactly what it happening.

Each Command Base contains:
- 1x High Orbit layer marker (Black)
- 1x Low Orbit layer marker (Grey)
- 1x Standard Orders marker (Black)
- 1x Silent Running Orders marker (Blue)
- 1x Minor Spike marker (Yellow)1x Major Spike marker (Red)
- 1x Coloured central "dock" which has slots for holding 7mm D6 dice to count hull points for each ship.
- 1x MDF infill disc to replace the standard plastic dial.
- 7mm dice

* Plastic bases and models shown for example purposes only. Not supplied.

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