Cognus Chainsword (5 pack) - 28mm 40k Primaris compatible

Cognus Chainsword (5 pack) - 28mm 40k Primaris compatible

Resin Cast Parts - 40k Primaris Compatible

This pack contains a superbly detailed set of 5x "Cognus" chainswords and pistol grip bionic hands.
4x R/H Chainswords

1x L/H Chainsword

4x L/H Pistol Grip

1x R/H Pistol Grip

Suitable for conversion pieces on 28mm Primaris Space Marines


Requires clean up & assembly. Modelling experience recommended.

Made from high quality polyurethane resin. Parts will be supplied on sprue/casting gates. Sold as conversion parts only - assembly and modelling knowledge required.


WARNING - Always wear a suitable face mask when sanding/shaping resin parts.

Models shown not supplied - shown as example only.

This product is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by Games Workshop. These parts & files are produced in-house as compatible parts for conversion.

  • Cast Resin Care

    Cast resin parts are made from polyurethane resin poured into molds which require a release agent to allow the parts to be removed from the molds. This release agent will still be present on the surface of parts when they are packaged and this will need to be cleaned off with a toothbrush in warm soapy water before assembling and painting.



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