Early Access - High Calibre: Tabletop Naval Warfare - SHIPWRIGHT PACK

Early Access - High Calibre: Tabletop Naval Warfare - SHIPWRIGHT PACK

Welcome to High Calibre: Tabletop Naval Warfare

Big guns. Big ships. Explosive battles.

This SHIPWRIGHT PACK is designed for individuals who would like Early Access to the game and to participate in the Public Test for High Calibre and present their feedback on the game to aid final development.


You will be part of an exclusive group of 50 people to gain Early Access to the game and start playing immediately with digital PDF versions of the Test Rules.

Purchase of this pack will get:

  • 1x 2-player set of high-quality laser cut tokens & templates (everything in the tokens sample photo x2!)
  • Links to the current digital Public Test rule set including; Core Rules,  Quick Rules, Ship profiles and more.
  • FREE digital PDF copy of the general release rulebook (Full version) upon release - Exclusive to SHIPWRIGHT PACK owners only.
  • 20% discount code for use on any High Calibre Pre-order bundle upon release.
  • Link to the closed Public Test facebook group.
  • Acknowledgement in the general release rulebook.


* - Discount code will only apply to pre-orders purchased via this website. Release date TBC.


As a free bonus for testing and as a personal thank you, you will also receive two small fleets of 3D printed scale model ships 


High Calibre is a modern take on historical WWI/WWII tabletop naval warfare. The game puts you in command of some of historys most renowned warships and their accompanying fleets. Command your fleet in Historical Operations to recreate (or indeed creatively rewrite!) some of historys famous naval actions. Or pit your ships against an opponent in Regulated Missions with equal sized forces and objectives to see who can gain the upper hand to secure a victory. 

Accurate movement templates and model bases combined with pinpoint firing arcs make for a brilliantly tactical, yet smooth-flowing game. Assemble your war fleet from your chosen nation, upgrade and refit your ships and carefully select Battle Tactics to give your fleet the best tactical advantage. For even more depth, historical Commanders are available for hire to add to your fleet to give your fleet an even heavier punch to knock out your opponents ships.

  • Public Test - Work in Progress

    Note that this bundle is on offer as a Public Testing kit. The rules you receive are a current Work in Progress and will be updated throughout the public test from feedback gained.
    The provisional date for general release is November 2020, however this may be subject to change based on community feedback.



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